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Sundown on Wilberforce

Canvas Giclée, Framed
Wilberforce Falls, Hood River, West of Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut, Canada

Framed size:

M: 20” x 41” / $610

“One of the highest waterfalls above the Arctic Circle, Wilberforce is a hidden gem that transforms the Hood River into a roaring display of sound and sight. My trip here immediately followed a month of exploring Ellesmere Island, where the sun never set. Now further south, I battled the fleeting light, and the hordes of mosquitoes that stuck in my paints. It was all worth it for the opportunity to witness such a natural wonder.” - Cory

The original painting is a part of the touring INTO THE ARCTIC Collection.

All of our canvas reproductions are framed with premium wood mouldings from Fotiou. 

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Clip from Cory Trepanier's Into The Arctic II film where he begins "Sundown on Wilberforce" painting.

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