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Grown Over

"Grown Over"
Image Size: 7" x 5"
Caledon, Ontario
"A couple of springs ago, my daughter Andie and I headed out for a little mini adventure: a paddle down the Humber River from Bolton to Kleinburg. To make it more of an outing, we brought our camping gear and pitched our tent at one of the many bends along the waterway. It was great father-daughter bonding, and her first chance to take the bow of the canoe in moving water, which she quickly adapted to. It was also a trip of discovery, one being this abandoned bridge that we could barely make out as we floated under it. This summer, with the help of Google Earth, I retraced our route and found that I could access it on foot from a nearby road. As I approached the old structure, which is part of the Humber Valley Trail, I began to preconceive a view from down along the river bank looking up. But I quickly realized just how grown over the site was, hiding most of the bridge when viewed from below. Instead, I found this perspective, enjoying the angles and textures of the bridge in a more intimate composition." - Cory

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