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Great Glacier

Great Glacier
Original Painting, 5.5 x 15 feet (66” x 180”), oil on linen
Coronation Fiord, Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Eastern Canadian Arctic


“Great Glacier” is the centrepiece of the INTO THE ARCTIC Exhibition Tour.

Now bringing northern awe to the public, and in the years to come, the centrepiece of Trépanier’s INTO THE ARCTIC Exhibition Tour is a unique and majestic oil painting on an unprecedented scale. Quite likely the largest single landscape painting of Canada’s Arctic ever created, Great Glacier may be looked upon in forthcoming decades as a true time capsule of this changing land, in addition to being a majestic work of art in its open right.

That is why discerning private collectors, institutions and museums have a unique opportunity now, while on tour and accruing provenance, to consider acquiring Great Glacier for their collection.

Great Glacier backstory
Baffin Island is the fifth largest island in the world, remotely situated in the Arctic Archipelago of Canada’s north. It’s a land that knows no time.

“At three kilometres wide, Coronation Glacier is a majestic display of icy peaks and crags in Baffin Island’s Auyuittuq National Park. Billy Arnaquq’s freighter canoe carried us through a fiord lined with mile high mountains where we set up camp while keeping an eye on the polar bear across the water.

For the next couple of days I explored the glacier under a shifting veil of fog. While amazed at the changing show, it only afforded partial views at any given time. Then, on the evening of our return to Qikiqtarjuaq, it all came together. The fog lifted and the evening light revealed Coronation in all its glory. From Billy’s boat, I set up my easel for one of my most memorable evenings in the Arctic.

The study I began here inspired my largest painting to date, and possibly the largest landscape painting ever to be created from the Canadian Arctic, my 15 foot wide Great Glacier. I hope it conveys the arctic wonder I’ve been privileged to experience.” - Cory

PRICE: Due to the scale of this painting, please contact the gallery to discuss pricing and acquisition at (905) 880-2029 or by email at oils@trepanieroriginals.com

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