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NEW: Dusk / Iceland

Original Painting, 5" x 12", oil on linen (framing included)
North east of Vik, Iceland

"The landscapes of Iceland had been on my mind for a long time when Canada’s Embassy invited me to present my latest film in Reykjavík. My chance to go there had come. After a great event, I packed my rental - a 6 speed manual transmission Dacia Duster - to head out for a three day adventure.

One evening, I turned onto a rugged dirt road that undulated into the highlands. Each bend offered a new view, causing me to stop time and again. With the sun approaching the horizon, I pushed on until I caught a glimpse of this valley.

 No one was around for miles as I loaded my pack, watched the glacier to my left turn pink and studied the road ahead, winding out of sight through an alluring landscape. A short hike led me to the ridge, where this vast volcanic river bed opened up before me.

Sitting amongst the rustling grasses with a new painting underway, I soaked in the solitude as dusk settled across this land of wonder, and the moon began to rise."

- Cory

PRICE: Please contact the gallery to discuss pricing and acquisition at (905) 880-2029 or by email at oils@trepanieroriginals.com


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