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Tombstone Valley

Canvas Giclée, Framed
Off the Dempster Highway, Yukon, Canada

Framed size:

M: 21” x 39” / $575

“My family and I had been driving across Canada for almost a month, making our way to the western Arctic, when we came across the Yukon’s Tombstone Valley. Though we had yet to cross the Arctic Circle and reach Inuvik, I could not pass up this view. Leaving the Dempster Highway behind, we hiked through lush tundra into the solitude of this expansive vista, where I set up my easel for this painting.” - Cory

The original painting is a part of the touring INTO THE ARCTIC Collection.

All of our canvas reproductions are framed with premium wood mouldings from Fotiou. 

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Painting Location
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Painting Location
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