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Last Light (Framed)

Canvas Giclée, Limited Edition Size: 99

Framed Size: 20.75" x 26"
"Last Light" began on the research trip for "The Living Coast" painting in Lake Superior. The vantage point for this painting was from the front of the boat, where I set up my easel and painted feverishly in an effort to capture the setting sun.
This is a piece for which I have a great deal of attachment. Not only does it bring to mind a beautiful part of this country which I have been blessed to visit, but on this particular occasion, I had the opportunity to experience something else. Because of the windy conditions earlier, we were not able to reach our original destination and tucked into this cove for shelter. As the weather didn't improve any, we (my wife, eldest daughter and I), decided to drop anchor and settle in for the night. What made this unique was that our boat was built for fishing (a 17.5' Lund aluminum), and not necessarily for living on (some fisherman might argue that one). Nevertheless, we pulled up the top, laid the sleeping bags on the floor, and got cosy for the night. It wasn't the camping we were planning to do that night, but to our 5 year old, it was a real adventure." - Cory
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