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Looking Back (Framed)

Canvas Giclée, Limited Edition Size: 150

Framed Size: 9" x 13.5" / $215

"In this painting, the sunset on Lake Superior marks the point where our journey began. It was on the beaches of Neys Provincial Park, on the north shore of Lake Superior, that the day before we launched our canoe to paddle to Pic Island where we now camped.

An afternoon hike led me to this lone spruce. Separated from the rest of the trees, it initially caught my attention, and inspired me to begin painting at this location. As I continued to work however, I was treated to a brief glimpse of evening magenta as the sun disappeared behind the hills. It was almost dark when I finished the field-work on this piece, and as I made my way back to our campsite, I couldn't help but look forward to all we were about to see." - Cory

All of our canvas reproductions are framed with fine quality mouldings from Fotiou.
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