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Approaching Dusk (Framed)

Approaching Dusk
Canvas Giclée, Limited Edition Size: 99

Framed Size: 23" x 35"

"During our trip up the Great Lakes Heritage Coast last summer, my family and I had the privilege of staying for a few days on an island just north of Bayfield Inlet, Georgian Bay which belongs to friends of ours. We stayed in an old cabin which dated back to the 1950's. It was hand built by a fellow along with another 4 or 5 cabins which made up a fishing camp at the time. From the island, you could see only one other building in the distance, an even older fishing camp dating back to almost the turn of the century. It was truly peaceful and quiet, except for the lapping waves of course. This painting was begun at the back of these islands from the highest point, where, because of low water levels, I could easily access. Though these same water conditions have caused many problems, it was also this state that allowed me to view the beautiful, vast expanse of exposed rock, laying bare all the way back to shore. As the evening mist worked its way into the scene, creating a warm filter through which the lowering sun bathed its light, it was all I could to to keep painting, and not just put my brushes down and soak it all in. Which, of course, I did for a while anyway." - Cory

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