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Ephemeral Beauty - PRE-ORDER

Aluminum, with gloss finish and exhibit-ready mounting
Tanquary Fiord, Quttinirpaaq National Park, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada

15 x 46 in / 38.1 x 116.8 cm / Edition of 25 / $2,300

18 x 55 in / 45.7 x 139.7 cm / Edition of 15 / $3,000

"Gracing the land briefly each summer, the flora carpeting each side of the creek was a sight to behold. In this harsh land so far north, it is always a wonder to witness such delicate beauty surviving against all odds, including a short growing season that plunges into winter darkness and cold for months each year. I also loved the contrast against the raw mountains in the background, and the rare opportunity to use such vivid magenta hues in an arctic painting." - Cory


Please call the gallery at (905) 880-2029 if you have any questions or would prefer ordering by phone or in person.


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This order requires custom shipping. Upon ordering the gallery will contact you to make arrangements.


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