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Leaving Baffin (larger painting from study)

Leaving Baffin (larger painting from study)
Original Oil On Linen
Davis Strait, Nunavut, Canada

Shown is the Leaving Baffin study (7” x 16”, oil on linen. In private collection)

Final painting to be approximately 5 to 6 feet wide

"Little did I know that after 15 years of painting the North that this would be my last inspiring view of the Canadian Arctic, likely for a long time.

In 2019, I was a guest aboard a vessel travelling from Canada’s North to Greenland. I looked out and caught a glimpse of a spectacular sky forming and the coming conjunction of Arctic elements. I dropped everything and ran out as the iceberg aligned with the distance islands on the left, another iceberg deep in the haze on the far right, and Baffin Island stretching across the background, almost disappearing into the amber light. Then, to complete the scene, the dramatic sparkles of the sun danced in the ocean before me. I stayed long afterwards, absorbing the breathtaking experience, the smell of the ocean and the wind in my face. It was my last view of the Canadian Arctic. I was to return in 2020, but covid changed all that. After 15 years - with my “Into the Arctic” project now starting to wind down at the end of the year - this scene has grown in significance for me. I don't know when or if I will ever see the Canadian Arctic again, but I will always cherish this parting view." - Cory

Part of the Into The Arctic Project

Please contact Trepanier Originals to discuss pricing and the acquisition process of the large painting from this Trepanier oil study at (905) 880-2029 or by email at oils@trepanieroriginals.com.

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