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Original Art: Large Paintings From Studies

Originals: Studies for Larger Paintings

During his wilderness painting journeys, artist Cory Trépanier has often encountered scenes that beg to be painted on a larger scale. Below you will find some of those "plein air" oil studies, small paintings that Cory began in the field, that he is keen to create large works from. As canvases have not yet been stretched for these paintings, there is a margin of flexibility as to their final size which may allow one of them to suit your space just right.

PRICING: Since the exact size of the final paintings are to be determined, prices are not listed. Please contact the gallery for more details and to discuss acquiring a larger work based on one of these studies. 

PLEASE NOTE: The paintings shown here are all small studies that are representative of what the larger work would look like. These small versions are all in private collections and are not available for acquisition. 

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