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Original Art: Paintings

Welcome to the gallery of Cory Trépanier's available original oil paintings. As most of Trépanier's paintings are acquired before they are completed, we have also included a number of his works in progress for your consideration. All paintings come professionally framed with high-quality mouldings.

For paintings without a price listed, please contact the gallery for more details, and to arrange a private viewing.

PLEASE NOTE: others works in progress are occasionally available for collectors to view and acquire from Cory's studio while in progress, and are not shown here. If seeing what paintings might be available is of interest, please email us at oils@trepanieroriginals.com for details.


While busy creating in the studio, Cory has also been spending time developing his next painting project, planning where to find inspiration for a new series of paintings.

Over the years, collectors have been integral to the realization of Cory’s work, making it possible for him to explore, paint, film and share some of the most magnificent landscapes with the world.

In turn, these individuals have had the opportunity to select from new canvases before the general public, see the creative process unfold, and then hang an original Trépanier work of art on their wall with its own unique story and provenance.

To find out how about Cory's next project, and about how to participate and acquire a work from it, please email us at oils@trepanieroriginals.com. 


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