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Into The Arctic II

Nominated for 2013 Canadian Screen Award (Best Performing Arts/Arts Documentary)

For years, artist Cory Trepanier has explored some of the most wild places in Canada. Few have walked in these landscapes. Even fewer have captured them on canvas. Now he's going further, into remote lands that are more challenging and more dangerous. Into a breathtaking arctic wilderness to experience and paint a land that might never be the same again.

Three months of filming. A dozen arctic locations. Cory brings his fresh perspective to the hidden treasures at the top of the world. Experience the majesty of the north through stunning cinematography and the dramatic experiences of a passionate painter.

Take a journey of adventure and discovery.

Deep... Into The Arctic.

Length: 87 minutes
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For home viewing.

Cory Trepanier's films have been lauded for their educational value, engaging viewers with Canada's geographical wonders, rich natural heritage, historical encounters, the artist's creative process and much more.

We are now pleased to offer our films for Educational and Institutional usage in Libraries, Universities/ Colleges, Public and Private Schools and Galleries.

The DVD's include Public Performance Rights (PPR) that allow non-theatrical screenings for educational purposes (ie: classrooms). No admission can be charged, screenings may not be open to the public and screening may not be used as fundraisers.

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