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Into The Arctic

"Into The Arctic" is the dramatic story of artist Cory Trépanier's first leg of his multi-year quest to explore and paint the vast wilderness of the Canadian Arctic.

Cory and his family embark on a 2 and a half month long journey across Canada, and once at the end of the road, fly to a remote Arctic community, and trek on until reaching breathtaking canyons. With a tent for a home, they battle challenging weather as Cory lays paint on canvas, capturing the incredible Arctic landscape. Summer turns to fall and the artist finds himself in ancient remote arctic mountains with the taste of winter in the air.

Cory's artistic and adventurous excursions engage the viewer, allowing us to experience this part of our planet in a moving way and inspiring us to appreciate our planet more.

Length: 47 minutes
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For home viewing.

Cory Trepanier's films have been lauded for their educational value, engaging viewers with Canada's geographical wonders, rich natural heritage, historical encounters, the artist's creative process and much more.

We are pleased to offer our films for Educational and Institutional usage in Libraries, Universities/ Colleges, Public and Private Schools and Galleries.

The DVD's include Public Performance Rights (PPR) that allow non-theatrical screenings for educational purposes (ie: classrooms). No admission can be charged, screenings may not be open to the public and screening may not be used as fundraisers.

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