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Pine Point

"Pine Point"
Image Size: 7" x 5"
Georgian Bay, Ontario
"A multi-day trip on my brother-in-laws 40 foot boat led us one evening to anchor near Killbear Provincial Park in Georgian Bay. Travel in a boat of such size meant that we could pretty much go anywhere we wanted to at any time. The only down side is that once parked, I would be very limited in my choice of views. I really need to explore the possibilities around me before I start painting. Besides, looking is half the fun! Fortunately, Roy was game to help me find a way to strap my canoe over the bow, giving me the freedom I needed. On this early morning, while everyone else was sleeping, I quietly slipped away to greet the sunrise. Rounding a nearby point, I found this scene waiting for me, unmistakably Georgian Bay with its sweeping pines and beautiful rock. I painted from my floating studio until the sun burned off the morning mist and I heard the rest of the family stir from the boat in the distance. Paddling back I knew the coffee would be on."- Cory

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