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From an original 40" x 24" oil painting
Georgian Bay, Ontario

"A tapestry of tiny lights filling the night sky, air that renews your lungs and a silence broken only by the sounds of nocturnal creatures and lapping waves against the shore...

There is no experience that melts one into the landscape like walking under the heavens in the wee hours of the morning on a remote island. Shrouded in darkness, the land takes on a mysteriousness that heightens your senses and permeates your being. While doing some midday scouting by canoe around Head Island on Georgian Bay, I found a view that caught my attention and made plans to come back early the next morning.

While checking on my canoe before turning in for the night, I looked up at the stars. An awe settled in and for a few moments I lost myself in it. Maybe I didn't need to wait until morning after all? Why not try to capture this nighttime experience on canvas? Dim illumination provided by the moonlight revealed the ground before me as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I picked my way along the water's edge and reached the clearing where the northern sky was in full view. To my surprise and pleasure, the scene that I had scouted earlier in the day had taken on some unexpected changes. Northern lights in the form of a greenish celestial arch had appeared along with the Big Dipper. Both had settled in just above the horizon where they completed my composition perfectly.

I soaked up as much as I could and headed in. On the hike back I couldn't help but realize how fortunate we are to have places like these to enjoy." - Cory

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