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March 11, 2015

WELCOME to the online store of Canadian artist/ filmmaker Cory Trépanier. Whether you're looking for an addition to your home or office, or for a gift to share with someone, you will find a variety of original offerings to choose from.

Please contact us at (905) 880-2029 or by email at service@trepanieroriginals.com if you have any questions. Enjoy your visit!

Welcome to the BRAND NEW Trepanier Store!

Welcome to the BRAND NEW Trepanier Store! We wore out the technology in our previous store and now offer you new and enhanced ways to peruse our offerings. Higher quality images can be zoomed and enlarged. More videos to share about the items you might be considering. See something your friends might enjoy? Share with social media buttons.

We hope that you enjoy your visit, and find something that can add a little joy to your environment. Or perhaps find a gift for a special occasion.

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Janet and Cory



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